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Kool Fx has been in business for 13 yearsKool Fx specializes in Water Walls & Indoor Water Features

Kool Fx is the premier designer and manufacturer of custom water and fire effects for commercial and residential properties.

Incorporating natural beauty.

Whether you’re looking to accent your home with unique décor and soothing tranquility or to create a lasting impression for your business, Kool Fx provides custom water features and fire effects to bring that natural combination of artistic beauty and peaceful relaxation to any environment. Specializing in the visual and auditory displays of rippling water walls, fountains, pedestals, and sculptures we also create the finest fire walls and fire pits to incorporate elegance and warmth in homes and businesses.

Experienced design and service.

Kool Fx in-house designers and technicians have been working with clients, homeowners, architects and contractors to meet the desired effects of your residential and commercial visions since 1989. A beginning with misting systems led way to special effects in water and fire designs. Developing a name in the residential and commercial industry, Kool Fx is recognized for sculptures such as the Rainmaker located in Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino and water walls in popular restaurants, medical buildings, offices, spas and salons throughout the United States and internationally.

Going “Green” before everyone else.

Kool Fx uses nature’s elements such as granite, lava rock, glass chips, river stone, slate, copper and wood to integrate visually stimulating and healthy environments into homes, businesses and hospitals. Our fire features warm and enhance your surroundings landscapes. While our water features humidify and moisten the dry, stagnant air in the atmosphere and naturally filter harmful allergens and impurities. Combined with the calming influence of water’s soothing sounds you’re left rejuvenated and refreshed.

Residing in Arizona, unlimited in location.

From custom homes across the valley to famous architectures in Dubai our firm works with designers, architects and contractors to design and construct the internal and external features to compliment your home or business. Mandalay Bay’s Rum Jungle in Las Vegas, the Sheraton Hotel in Kauai Hawaii, Scottsdale Arizona’s Fox Sports Grill, San Diego’s Coronado Hilton, Tarbella’s Night Club in Seattle, Moutainside Fitness and Arizona’s Children’s Banner Health are among some of the noted companies our team has worked with locally and abroad.

Service and support.

Kool Fx dedication to excellence is supported by customer service and warranty packages to maintain the quality of your custom water and fire features. Critical to the life span and performance of your existing and new creations routine maintenance is a must. Our team provides standard and custom packages to meet the needs of your custom works of art.

Contact Kool Fx at (480) 985-0228 today to bring the custom style and dramatic effects a water and fire feature can bring to your environment.

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