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Indoor water wall & Garden water fountains For
Residential Homes

Kool Fx residential indoor water walls, garden fountains, rock waterfalls and fire features combine luxury and leisure.

An indoor water wall in your foyer is a welcoming way to greet guests. Hanging vertical and horizontal water walls are now becoming the latest trend in artistic expression. Sophisticated and unique, a water feature allows you to incorporate your distinctive style into any décor.

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home. Landscapes are enhanced by the addition of a sculptural outdoor garden fountain, while the warmth of a glowing fire pit comforts guests and encourages conversation.

Considering a reason to invest, here are some of the advantages to installing a custom water wall or free-standing fountain in your home.

Indoor Water & Fire Features Invite Serenity

  • Decorative flair, indoor water walls are the latest trend in art. Previously limited to commercial properties, they are an expressive way to showcase your style.
  • Warming and engaging, installed fire walls and fire pits in your courtyards or patios are a hot focal point that encourages conversation and comfortable interaction.
  • Ideal for yoga and medication, indoor fountains help diminish noisy distractions, replacing them with the ambient influence of nature.
  • A trickling rock waterfall in your garden highlights the natural landscape while creating a mental and physical retreat.
  • Not only does a water or fire feature increase your resale value, but the investment also qualifies you for a tax write-off, allowing justification to any budget!

Indoor Water Walls & Fire Features Warm Illuminate the Mind & Body

  • Custom water and fire features promote a soothing and peaceful environment. They are a mental retreat for the mind, body and soul.
  • Complimentary lighting and bright color options are a revitalizing attraction.
  • The soothing sounds of streaming water and the flicker of fire reduce stress and boost positive energy. Studies have shown that nature’s elements improve the overall state of mind.
  • A natural filter, water features negative ions capture harmful allergens and impurities in the air. They humidify and refresh the dry, stagnant air in the atmosphere.

Garden Water Fountains and Fireplaces Accentuate Scenic Beauty

  • Custom installed or free-standing water and fire features give you flexibility to integrate your desired vision and effect into any environment.
  • Consider replacing a standard window in your bathroom with a cascading water wall for a peaceful retreat. Elaborate water walls are ideal for grand foyers and large living areas, while free-standing fountains in bedrooms and home offices relax your mind and body.
  • Fire pits and tiered water fountains on your patios extend your living spaces.
  • Relocating? Free-standing floor fountains or hanging water walls move with you.
  • Incorporating natural elements, dramatic colors, illuminating lighting and trim enhance any environment!

Contact Kool Fx at (480) 236-6411 today to bring the custom style and dramatic effects a water and fire feature can bring to your home!

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